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Welcome to my audio world!

Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m ‘Fat Bloke’ and I’ll be using this page to review and recommend some of my favourite podcasts, and perhaps pass judgement on any other fancy that grabs me.

I’m launching this on the 4th August for a special personal reason. It was this day in 1999 that I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukaemia. I’m happy to say I’ve been in remission for 16 years but this day, each year, still holds a special significance and a little reminder to do more with my life;to embrace, to develop, to  wring every last drop out of the sponge of life.

So why podcasts? I love spoken word radio and have been a Radio 4 listener all my life, since the PM theme tune playing on the kitchen radio would let me know it was time for tea. (Radio 4, for non UK listener is a BBC radio channel which presents news, documentaries, comedy, drama, quizzes etc.)

Many R4 shows have become available as Podcasts so I began to download them to listen to at my convenience, rather than catch them live. Once I started dipping my toe into the Podcast pool I began to discover a wealth of amazing talent, hilarious comedy, intense and creative drama and engaging personal stories.

You can usually download podcasts direct from the artist’s website (I’ll provide a link with each review) but it’s far easier to find them on ITunes, or other apps for your phone or tablet. They are also FREE! My very favourite price! You just click to download and listen to it as you would music. If you like the show, you can subscribe and the latest episode will automatically download. It’s great for the bus, walking, ironing, gardening, you name it.

So my aim in this blog is to try and encourage people to try Podcasts and recommend a few shows people may like and bring deserving, talented people’s work to a wider audience. The selection of Podcasts is huge and I can guarantee there is a perfect show out there for you.

So let’s get on with it…..


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