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Listening week – 1st Aug ’16

Right…so…how are we going to do this blog? I think if I share a general list of my listening for the week and then look at one or two titles in more detail to try and tempt you to listen (or warn you away). So while I think of my first ‘Podcast Highlight of the Week!’ Here is what I’ve listened too so far…

  • Friday Night Comedy – The Museum of Curiosity Comedy discussion show from Radio 4. Interesting, intelligent listening.
  • The Archers – Daily Episodes Needs no introduction.
  • Answer Me This Comedy ‘chat’ show where listeners send in questions to be answered by the hosts. Long running show with huge back catalogue.
  • The Black Tapes Spooky Documentary style drama. Very atmospheric and well done.
  • BBC R4 Drama of the Week A pick of Radio 4 and 3’s Drama Output
  • D & D is for Nerds A game of Dungeons and Dragons played as a podcast. I know, but trust me it’s very, very funny.
  • More or Less: Behind the Stats Radio 4 show examining in detail the statistics and maths we are presented in the news and media. WILL change how we see the world.
  • The Infinite Monkey Cage Radio 4 Science discussion show with a hefty dose of comedy and banter. Presented by Brian Cox and Robin Ince.
  • The West Wing Weekly A weekly podcast examining each episode of the West Wing. One for the fans maybe, but then I am a ‘Wingnut’
  • Comedy of the Week – Simon Evans Goes To Market A selection of Radio 4’s comedy output. This week’s a comedy show about economics! What’s not to love?
  • Shut Up A Second  A bunch of young Australians discussing a particular topic. They argue, swear and are generally very funny. Sometimes they even stay on topic.
  • Primo Levi’s The Periodic Table A wonderful series of drama’s adapted from Primo Levi’s book about the elements of the Periodic Table.
  • This American Life A magazine programme, telling varied, interesting, funny and moving stories from the US and beyond.
  • Jesse vs Cancer The one man podcast of one man and his journey with stage 4 bowel cancer. Jesse Case is a stand up comic, and graphically and very funnily shares his experiences of treatment and the world in general.
  • Hector vs The Future New comedy podcast. Some filthy language but very funny.
  • Seriously – Obsessive Types / Caravans in Space Two documentaries from Radio 4 appear each week in the ‘Seriously’ feed. Usually very interesting, as in the case of these two.
  • From Our Own Correspondent  Small letters from BBC correspondents around the world. Unpacks and delves behind the brief headlines and global news.
  • No Such Things As A Fish Comedy ‘Fact’ show, presented by the QI Elves who fact gather for the TV show QI. 4 incredible facts each week, accompanied by witty banter, personal abuse and intelligent comment.





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