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Highlight of the Week – 1st Aug ’16

Each week I will be highlighting one new episode of a Podcast released that week. Something that has really stuck out among the others as a great listening experience.

This week, though, has been tough to call, so there will be TWO highlights this inaugural week! (I know, I know, try to contain your excitement).

And so, in no particular order;

Highlight of the Week – Hector vs The Future Episode 2 – Hector Vs Da Vinci

A new British, independent sitcom, the first episode was aired last week, and I enjoyed it. This episode though, I loved, and had me laughing hard out loud. It’s quirky, surreal, occasionally potty mouthed, occasionally musical and with the odd wince inducing pun. The show is recorded in front of an audience with fantastic performances from an excellent cast. Sound design, music and production are also excellent. This is better than almost any  Radio 4 comedy of recent years and I strongly urge you to give it a listen.

Briefly put, the eponymous Hector runs the Obsoleteum, a museum dedicated to forgotten technology with his assistant George, who has a mysterious past he can’t remember. Opposing them is the Uptodateum, run by Biz, obsessed with obtaining the latest technology,  and her half robot, half hologram robot, Phil. This week, they both grapple with errant inventors with chaotic results.

I am really looking forward to future episodes and I am happy to recommend you do the same, and by listening you’ll be helping support exceptional independent talent. This is the epitome of what I like about the podcast movement. Independent, creative, engaging and very funny.

Highlight of the Week – D & D Is For Nerds – Episode #48 – Grainsley

Sanspants Radio is an Australian podcast channel, that produce a number of entertaining  and fun titles. The hosts are all young, endlessly cheerful, charming and argumentative and not afraid to liberally pepper their banter with strong language. (They are Australian after all). I listen to many of their shows, ‘cos nothing brightens up the long walk home from work, then listening to some idiotic conversation. It remind me of my college days, sat in a pub, late at night, arguing over some point of nerdy minutiae.

And nothing is more nerdy than Dungeons and Dragons, the table top game where adventurers are guided through an adventure by a Dungeon Master, making game decisions, their fate determined by rolls of the dice. I will admit to dabbling a little in my teenage years, but the Sanspants Team, have, well, shall we say, put their own unique spin on the game.

With a game style that’s more about generating comedy and annoying the Dungeon Master (DM) with idiotic questions, each episode moves the ‘plot’ of the trio of characters forward in their adventures. For instance,there can’t be many D & D sessions where the DM has had to roll the dice to determine the quality of drunken sex. (The result was 19, with a minus 5 penalty for being drunk, which means the sex was ‘pretty good’)

This episode brought the second season to a close, with (slight spoiler) a wedding. And, damn it all, it was actually quite touching. Cassius, the female dwarf, after a long overdue bath and much to her surprise, has discovered the name Daniel tattooed on her forearm. Leo Shadow, Halfling thief, has got stoned on ‘D&D Weed’ and Princess Ansley Foggyfeather, Human Ranger, is getting married to her paramour Grayson.

If you are new to the series I would recommend going back to Episode 1 and binge listening through both seasons and several side quest adventures. (For no other reason than for the exploits of Jiggalump, a psychotic cat familiar, and Mr Fists, the fantasy world’s cutest owl). It’ll bring out the nerd in you, I promise.



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