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Listening Week – 8th August

It has been a busy listening week. I’ve tried some new Podcasts, and am busy binge listening to catch up on others, all the while keeping up to date with new episodes of others.


New titles this week…

  • Crossing Continents In depth current affairs documentary from around the world. This weeks episode looked at Polish War Games; civilians playing soldiers with air soft weapons, that the government hopes will help prepare a militia for real war.
  • My Dad Wrote A Porno – The host and friends read from an Erotic novella written by his father. It is very, very, laugh out loud funny but all very, very rude! Only for the broad-minded.
  • The Moth – Real life people recounting stories from their lives at live audience events. Some heartwarming, some heartrending, always moving and engaging.
  • The Film Programme
  • Punt PI – Little, light-hearted documentaries presented by comedian
  • The Allusionist – Charming little programme about language, and the idiosyncrasies of the Englush tongue. Present by Helen Zaltzman, of Answer Me This fame.
  • Home Front – Radio 4’s serial drama, set in Great War Britain. More melodrama than gritty realism, it’s still engaging and, occasionally interesting.
  • Tracks First two episodes of a new 9 parts drama from Radio 4. Very good so far. Conspiracy thriller with a dash of sci fi. Gripping stuff!
  • Still Untitled Adam Savage Project – Just started with this podcasts back catalogue. General conversation about making things and other topics with Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame.
  • Dum Tee Dum – A podcast about the radio 4 soap – The Archers, made by their fans. One for fans only I suspect.
  • Funny From The Fringe – A short daily show show highlighting some of the comedy output at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Makes me really miss Edinburgh and performing at the Fringe.

Also of mention, not a Podcast, but available on download from the BBC Iplayer is the new series of Start / Stop on Radio 4, a comedy about 3 couples on their terrible marriages. Funny, little bit rude but great fun. Try and catch the earlier series on repeat.

Old Favourites..

  • Friday Night Comedy – The Museum of Curiosity Comedy discussion show from Radio 4. Interesting, intelligent listening.
  • The Archers – Daily Episodes Needs no introduction.
  • The Black Tapes Spooky Documentary style drama. Very atmospheric and well done.
  • BBC R4 Drama of the Week A pick of Radio 4 and 3’s Drama Output. This week’s download was Poetry in Motion. A wonderful afternoon play.
  • D & D is for Nerds A game of Dungeons and Dragons played as a podcast. I know, but trust me it’s very, very funny.
  • More or Less: Behind the Stats Radio 4 show examining in detail the statistics and maths we are presented in the news and media. WILL change how we see the world.
  • The West Wing Weekly A weekly podcast examining each episode of the West Wing. One for the fans maybe, but then I am a ‘Wingnut’
  • Comedy of the Week – Guilt Trip (Epi: 2) A comedy about a Mother and Daughter walking the Thames Coast path for charity, with rather too much baggage, and I don’t mean rucksacks.
  • Shut Up A Second  A bunch of young Australians discussing a particular topic. They argue, swear and are generally very funny. Sometimes they even stay on topic. This week, ‘Cops’ and the lack of subterranian law and order apprently.
  • This American Life A magazine programme, telling varied, interesting, funny and moving stories from the US and beyond. The last two weeks have been a series of stories presentd from Refugee camps on Greece. Reminds you that refugees are not a faceless ‘swarm’ but real people who have sacrifcied a lot to try and find a safter future. Excellent podcasting.
  • Jesse vs Cancer The one man podcast of one man and his journey with stage 4 bowel cancer. Jesse Case is a stand up comic, and graphically and very funnily shares his experiences of treatment and the world in general.
  • Hector vs The Future New comedy podcast. Some filthy language but very funny. Last weeks Highlight of the Week for Eiposde #2
  • Seriously – Stalking Under Scrutiny – A programme looking at the long term affects of stalking and Swapping Psalms for Pop Songs, a documentary taking a long at the Non Regligois Sunday Gathering movement, gaining momentum around the world
  • From Our Own Correspondent  Small letters from BBC correspondents around the world. Unpacks and delves behind the brief headlines and global news.
  • No Such Things As A Fish Comedy ‘Fact’ show, presented by the QI Elves who fact gather for the TV show QI. 4 incredible facts each week, accompanied by witty banter, personal abuse and intelligent(ish) comment.

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