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Highlight of the Week – 22nd August

This week’s top pick among the new episodes released (that I’ve listened to) is another show from the Sanspants Radio stable….

Highlight of the Week – Shut up a Second – Getting Old/People

Shut up a second is, what I’d guess you’d call, a Banter based podcast. Each week a revolving panel of 3 people will sit and discuss a particular topic, muse on hypothetical scenarios , examine the history of said topic and review any cinema releases on the subject.

This makes it sound all very interesting and sensible. Almost educational. And it might very well be so in other hands. However this is from a gang of Australian Millennials who are more than happy to substitute fact, knowledge and research for abusive language, arguing and diverting so far from the topic on hand you often forget what it was they were talking about in the first place.

And it’s sublime. So, so funny. The Sanspants team are all so entertainingly up-beat about their ignorance that it’s hard not to be charmed. Yes, there is a fair amount of bad language so not recommended family listening. The hosts are very candid about themselves and their lives, to the extent that I can tell you which host is missing which body part. (More than you’d imagine with such young podcasters.)

In this episode they discuss growing old and old people so naturally there was a lengthy tangent/ argument about Monkey’s living in Jacuzzi’s, the benefits of metal teeth and another shouting match about the plot of the film Cocoon.

It’s not rehearsed, or scripted and it’s the  chaotic character of the interactions that make it so fun. It’s genuinely like hanging out with a bunch of friends and, since I do have a few years on them, I get to do the patronising head shake of the ‘you say that now, but you wait a few years’ adult.

So, if you like a bit of juvenile, immature and slightly surreal comedy give it a go. There is a huge back catalogue to binge through which really helps get through a long day at work.

I think you’ll like it. Unless you’re my mum. She’ll hate it.

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