Money, money, money…It’s a white man’s world.

Sometimes I just despair of the moronic, hyper sensitive, social media pundits who spew fatuous click bait bullshit to try and get right wing morons and left wing do-gooders to froth at the mouth.

Tonight there are dozens of posts tonight about the new £10.00, which is to feature writer Jane Austen; that it is a breakthrough in feminism or toadying to the liberal elite depending on your viewpoint.

Many, many of them are saying a woman other than the queen is on a UK bank note for the first time! AAAHHHHH!

The Elizabeth Fry banknote has only just gone out of circulation, literally just a few weeks ago, when she was replaced by the first plastic note with Winston Chruchill scowlign from it. Florence Nightingale was on the £10.00 all through the 80’s. If I saw her lovely face in that decade I knew I was doing alright!

Please stop it, just stop it, trying to make stir up controversy where none exists. 

Jane Austen was a great writer and national treasure who deserves to be on a note in her own right, not just because she had a womb as well.

But do I think we should acknowledge more publicly the achievements of women artists, scientists and public figures. Yes we bloody should. And, I dunno, how about sticking a non-white on there as well sometime?

Since 1970 there have been 17 different faces on the back of our money. Three of them women. All of the them white. (Who knew the current £50 was a double act of Boulton and Watt! Long time since I’ve seen one.) There have been as many celebrations of men who created steam engines as there have been to all the women in the UK. Ever.

I suppose the natural extension of my argument is Margaret Thatcher appearing on a note. I would caution against that though, as the fiscal shock of half the country using them to  wipe their bums on could plunge us back into recession, but then, perhaps that’s why they’ve moved to plastic notes. 

There. Rant over. Swearwords removed. (Most of them, there were a lot more. I was pretty angry.) I suppose the moral of the story is don’t go turning over the social media rocks if you don’t like slimy things.

And if you really are offended by the thought of a woman writer on your banknote then a) I think you’ve come to the wrong blog and b) send any you get to me and I’ll remove them from circulation responsibly.

Thank you and goodnight! x


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